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Why the sky is constantly changing? This causes the "rises" and "sets" of the stars. In addition, the stroke of the Earth around the Sun shows us a different portion of the sky depending on the time of year. Conversely, stars outside our solar system are so distant that they appear stationary in a human life. The Moon and Saturn make a conspicuous approach to each other on October 5.

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As seen from southern South America, the Moon actually occults — or covers up — the planet. The Orionid meteors can be visible from early October to early November, but they peak on October Like most showers, they reach maximum activity between midnight and dawn. This year, unfortunately, they have to share the sky with the Last Quarter Moon, whose light will be enough to drown out the fainter meteors; the observable rate might drop to half of its typical value of 20 meteors per hour.

These meteors — known to be debris from a prior passage of Halley's Comet - can appear anywhere in the sky, but tracing their trails back leads to their "radiant" in Orion. October 22, am EDT. Uranus reaches opposition on October Looks at the two Bible stories of the nativity and suggests that Babylonian and Hellenistic sky element are contained in the story.

November The Rhythm of a City; using a parapegma in the 21st century.

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The use of the annual pattern of heliacal rising stars that are unique for a given latitude to gain insights into the pulse of a city or place. October The Moon sets with Unwashed Feet. The visual astrology of the lunar eclipse of the 17 October, , and its mundane implications.

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  8. September Two storms, two wars and two Georges - storms in visual astrology. Looks at hurricane Katrina through the eyes of a Mesopotamian priest. August The Stars, the Horizon and the Sun. Explores the unique relationship that the stars have to place and how this leads to Star Phases.

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    The heliacal rising star is defined with suggestions as to its role in post-modern astrology. July Nergal claims the empty sky: a return to the summer of - A comparison of the sky map of the year when Napoleon was conquering Europe with the sky map of the summer of Both times have Mars bright as the only planet in the summer evening skies.

    A detailed step-by-step examination of the current Saturn, Venus and Mercury conjunction of June, and a prediction based on the celestial events of Later note: London correctly predicted as winning the bid for the games. April Alignment instead of Conjunction. Revisiting of some astrological terms.

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    Uses visual astrology to look at the question of of the great Astrological Ages and yields new ideas on the timing of the Age of Aquarius. February The Moon and the Gathering of Kings. An article about the forthcoming event of the Moon rising higher than Saturn while both are in Cancer and its links to and April The Stars at the Bottom of the Sky: How will you be remembered?

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    March Reflections - Looking at our year overview from January and checking the March predictions against the actual events. February The Stars that lead us to the land of the setting sun - Visiting the stars of our latter years.

    January The Heavenly Patterns of - a look at the year ahead using planetary phase graphs and visual astrology. December August Visions of Heaven - an exhibition you can own. July June May The Royal Marriage and the death of Osama bin Laden Two stories of great public event happened this past weekend. Bright Stars in a Velvet Sky Two women whose stories embraced the cult of the celebrity from its emergence to the recognition of its destructive power. The Visual Astrology Face of Facebook - a look at the phenomenon that has changed how we network socially with each other.

    Why do we place our hopes and fears in the sky? November October Reaching the Gods on Metal Feathers - more on the Stymphalian Birds and when they are in paran to natal planets. September Seven things that astrologers should know about fixed stars.

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    The Hydra and the Raven have the final say A Warrior King who dwells in exile comes in from the cold: t he Mars, Saturn, Venus Moon of August - The triple conjunction in the wing of Virgo as a mark of reconciliation. Visual Astrology and Elections - a brief recap on the British elections; and underlining the usefulness of visual astrology as one of the tools in the astrologers toolbox. A Sulpa'e Jupiter and the British Elections - a brief look at the sky story for the current elections. Thoughts on the glyphs used for the Nodes - A consideration of some different thinking around the source of the glyph for the nodes and the Egyptian ritual of the "Opening of the mouth.

    Risk, Plots and New Ways Forward - the Sky-Stories of reveals a year of innovations but with plots and schemes happening in the wings. The Dance of the Lights, the Moon gives a gift to the Sun. Threshold Crossers - Empty spaces in the sky have the potential for teaching us about how we deal with times of transition. When Planets become Enchanted - a consideration of planetary phases and how they challenge the astrological concept of a planet being combust.

    Looking at the Venus Mars on the Horns of the Bull at the time of the eclipse. A skyscape and a man: the Snake, the Crab and the Bear.


    Saviours need not apply.. The Knot of Heaven, its story and its history. Four Lives and a Funeral. When Planets Gather - a exploration of when planets gather before the rising sun. A place and a time: the inauguration of US Presidents. Standing in the Radiance of Venus - A visual astrology view of the US presidential elections and its self-imposed union with Venus. Equus naissance - A new view of the sky horses, Pegasus and Equuleus. Venus and her dance as the Snake Charmer; exploring the year cycle of retrograde loops of Venus and the manner in which they reach stars that no other planet can move into which gives rise to Venus contributing to the collective theme of an era.

    The Great One, Aquarius - five who bathe in his urn and two who stole from it. Pluto - its pathway through the heavens. Loops in the Sky: when planets tarry.


    A focus on Myanmar Burma Monks and Moons a country's pattern of lunar eclipses. A strong King employs a henchman to remove a threat, and the weather turns cold and wet… Saturn joins Regulus as Mars rides the horns of the bull. A special issue focusing on reading a natal chart The Chart, the Sky and the Stars - A guide to reading a chart visually.

    Terrorism and the Stars - A cocktail of planets with aggression, victims and idealism. Three Goodbyes The Hare and the Eggs… a sky story - The mythology of the constellation of Lepus the hare and the practice of Easter. When beggars die, there are no comets seen - unpacking comets in astrology. Algol - Where is it? Sulpa'e, the return of the crown prince - one of the many faces of Jupiter in visual astrology. The King stands alone - Saturn standing alone in the night sky and its link to and the theme of trials concerning crimes against humanity.

    The Stars of an Empress still shine Chrysanthemum Throne - a brief update on the feelings of the Japanese people on the issues of succession now that a male heir has been born. Eclipses - Babylonian sky religion captured in our culture. A Middle East Re Cap - a quick re look at the sky and the reason as to why the Visual Astrology is suggesting that the conflict will escalate with other players entering the arena as Jupiter moves into the stars of Scorpio As Above so Below, Cities in the Sky - A consideration of the sky imagery reflected in the reflection of the earth below and the sky above in the imagery of the earth at night as well as in the flags of many nations.

    Under the Beams or not Venus changes places and a Little Girl seeks the Chrysanthemum Throne. The Star of Bethlehem, shepherds, a manger and those kings The Rhythm of a City; using a parapegma in the 21st century. The Moon sets with Unwashed Feet. Two storms, two wars and two Georges - storms in visual astrology.