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If your Sun is in Capricorn and your Moon is opposite in Cancer, the pursuit of your central purpose pulls you one way, out of the comfort zone the Moon.

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Sometimes dramatic polarities like that can lead to going from one extreme to the other. In the above example, maybe you're ambitious but often feel the urge to retreat back to the familiar. You might reconcile the two by working from home or gravitating to homey work atmospheres.

Oppositions often come up in showdowns with people who have those traits. This is a fascinating phenomenon, as the right friends and adversaries cross our path. In The Astrological Houses, Dane Rudhyar wrote, "The principle of polarity is the cornerstone of any sound astrological interpretation, and it is particularly in evidence when we deal with axes in a chart.

These are significant points that set the chart, with energetic shading, so to speak.

What Is An Astrological Mirror? How Understanding Your Zodiac Polarity Can Inspire You

The chart ruler is the Ascendant, and its opposite sign then is the Descendent. Dane Rudhyar writes later, "What I mean, for instance, is that if one wishes to describe the characteristic qualities of a Leo Ascendant -- that is, how the person's self-image has a Leo character -- one should take into consideration the inevitable fact that his approach to partnership -- Descendent -- will have an Aquarius character and vice versa. As the world travelers of the cosmos, Gem and Sag are both super curious about each other and everything.

Brainy Gemini focuses on the details while adventurous Sag ruled by expansive Jupiter is all about the big picture.

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While Brangelina may have ended, their Gem-Sag polarity had everyone captivated and kept their relationship going for a looong time. Taskmaster Capricorn and nurturing Cancer embody the most iconic yin-yang vibe. Capricorn, ruled by ultra-stern Saturn, likes logic and knows how to work, work, work, while Moon-ruled Cancer floats in more intuitive waters. High-profile careers and a cushy home are the trademarks of this duo.

- Tony Sparks & Pepper Potts, Iron Man.

These two know how to party. Glamazon Leo prefers a Great Gatsby— style celebration while Aquarius hosts a barefoot gathering in the woods. Leo climbs the social ladder while Aquarius hits the streets, protests, and literally lives on a commune.

Virgo is the sexy librarian of the zodiac and Pisces is the dreamy guru-seeking softy. Libras are commonly guilty of being indecisive and an Aries will help them make important decisions that will bring positivity to their lives, such as going for a new job. Taurus is an Earth sign therefore when they meet Water sign Scorpio, their relationship can become very involved yet problems can crop up from the word go. A Taurus in an argument will back up their point with stats and facts where Scorpio will throw in their understanding of emotion and how people communicate, which can baffle dominant Taurus.

However after some time, these two signs will have a mutual understanding of each other and the partnership can be a perfect one.

Both intelligent yet in completely different ways, they make incredible business partners and friends that can take on the world! You will both know exactly where you stand, which should take silly games out of the equation altogether. This Air and Fire sign combination is one packed full of adventure and the two of you will rarely experience a dull moment.

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With late night debates and talks about everything under the sun, these two can have very similar interests such as movies, music and travel which they can both enjoy together. Gemini admires this about them because they do have a very similar frame of mind however it can take Gemini a little longer to catch up to them, which is ok!

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The truth is, even though these two are opposite signs, they sure can have a lot of fun together and have the ability to keep each other young at heart, which paves the way for a fantastic friendship, relationship or business partnership together. With Water sign Cancer and Earth sign Capricorn, they work together like salt and pepper because of how complimentary they are for each other, even if they are degrees apart.

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At first, they might not believe you, regardless of how much persuade them to give it a chance. They might meet and decide to tease and make fun of each other so much that it makes their blood boil. Capricorn is all about working hard whereas Cancer is about their close friends and family which means their priorities can be very different. This can cause disruption because if Capricorn is working late night, they could wind up feeling neglected. Capricorn could feel disrespected because all they are trying to do is provide for them, which a lot of the time does mean sacrifice.

The two of you will have to sit down and go through how you feel so you can have an understanding about how this relationship can work.


Polarity: Opposite Zodiac Signs

Cancer will have to stop taking things personally, but Capricorn will have to acknowledge that they need attention. After this is sorted, you can move forward towards a harmonious time together. Fire needs air and Visa-Versa, which is why these two work well when they are trying to help each other.